Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Why I created this blog

Years ago, I saw Andrew WK play an incredible, life-changing show at Trees in Dallas. It's not the music that is the allure of WK (see any review of him in any magazine ever). But there is a reason his fans are so loyal, myself included. Andrew WK is absolutely the most positive personality who I've ever encountered. He's a best friend who loves to live life to the fullest. But the important lesson I gained at this particular show was how Andrew made the crowd feel involved. He told the audience that they're weren't watching his band play; no, they were the band, they were part of everything (and this is a guy who does anything and everything for his fans -- I heard he once broke his leg in a stage accident, but was such a workhorse that he got a wheelchair and did every date on his tour, popping wheelies instead of doing his usual "Free Jumps"). The amazing this was that we, the crowd, believed him. We WERE part of the band. We were part of the experience. We were all on the same page. As Mike said at the time, "It was the only moshpit I've ever seen where everyone was smiling." Tell me about it. Taking a page from WK's book, I've since tried to make music a shared experience. It's always special whenever someone takes a liking to something so personal as music, but it doesn't have to be a band/fan dynamic. I want the fans to feel like I felt at that WK show. That's where this tell-all kind of blog comes in. I want you to know everything, feel everything, and be everything Cassavettes. Cheesy, but true. Now here's our formal introduction...

Hello all,
My name is Glenn Yoder, and I'm the singer/guitarist/pianist from the Boston-based folk/roots/rock/Americana/whatever group called CASSAVETTES. I've been meaning to start a blog about the band for a while now... for a few reasons, including those mentioned above.

First of all, I have my own selfish reasons for doing so. Since we primarily manage ourselves with the help of our good friend Chris Brook, I can organize my thoughts as to what we do and what we should be doing on a daily basis (like a daily planner, only public). That way, even if no one is reading this, it still serves a purpose.

Second, it may be of some public interest. The main plan is such: Even if you don't necessarily know the band, or if you listen to us and don't connect with what you hear, perhaps you'll still find some amusement or interest in seeing what it's like to be a struggling little band of 20-22 year old guys in Boston, Massachusetts. Our struggle to climb the local (and hopefully national) musical ladder can be your source of entertainment, if you so choose. Or maybe you're a band or musician going through the same thing, and you're looking to commiserate. Hey, it's welcome here, friend. Ah, the appeal of reality.

Finally, this sort of blogging differs from other sites we keep up with for this reason: My hope is that the posts will tend to be incredibly detailed. I plan to go into deep detail on what EXACTLY we're doing and planning and discussing, both for our personal historical purposes of tracing this band's trajectory and also to inform any interested party (like, say, you). Since it will be a bit more long-winded than other blogs and posts we maintain (like those available on our website or MySpace), this site may not be suitable to everyone's taste. That's cool, too. Like I said, even if there isn't an audience for this sort of blogging, well, then I'll continue posting because I need to be organized for my own self-serving purposes.

Now a few ground rules. For the purpose of transparency and because it is the mission of this blog to give as close of a look into our little world as possible, I will post as much as I possibly can about what's going on in the group at the time of the post. However, because a lot of things in this music life are tentative (like, let's pretend that we're working on putting together a lineup for a show in a secretive manner and don't want to go hurting feelings of those who weren't invited to play), then I may either have to be vague or completely omit some details. Also, if the band has a disagreement or a fight, it'd be within the point of the blog to post about what we are in disagreement over. However, if it's something that should be kept strictly internal for whatever reason, or if my bandmates or I are uncomfortable with the information being shared, then I will again be vague. But I will try to minimize these occurrences as much as possible.

So that about wraps it up. I'll check back in later to post a bit about the history of the group as well as what's going on in the near future.


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