Thursday, September 28, 2006

Side project

In a few hours, we'll be onstage. The four of us: Mike, Matt, Scott, and I. But for the first time, we won't be Cassavettes. We're trying something new tonight: BONEHOG.

Bonehog originated during my senior year of high school under the name "So Totally," as in "We are SO TOTALLY So Totally." It was intended to be a positive distraction from bands and just a way for other friends who don't normally play in bands to get in on the act. This was back when our good friend Derrick Sheen was running Sham-Rock Records, a small label that was basically in name and spirit only, out of his house. We frequently guest-starred on each other's recordings, and just played around with new projects. Anyhow, Bonehog somehow spawned from that. It was the most lyrically adolescent but rocktagious music we could play. All the songs were inappropriate at their core -- from the crowd favorite "Taking The Meat Train To Cooterville" to the single "Love Canal." Yes, very mature, I realize. Anyhow, when it started up it was myself on guitar, Baby Joe Laubacher on bass, and old buddy Blake McWhorter (now of Black Tie Dynasty). We never recorded anything, and we never played a show. I did do one demo using only a synthesizer that was meant to be an album opening track, called "In The Beginning...There Was Mayhem." Don't know what happened to that. Anywho, the songs stuck around through college and people still know them.

About a month ago, my buddy Steve Stites asked me if Cassavettes would follow his comedy show at afterHOURS at Northeastern on Sept. 28. Unfortunately, we couldn't do it because we have a NEMO showcase on Saturday, Sept. 30 at The Abbey Lounge in Somerville. That's cutting it too close; you'll divide your draw if you play two shows that close together. Especially if one is at school where you draw a lot of your audience from... But that doesn't mean BONEHOG can't play.

So, in between working on songs for our forthcoming album, the four of us started pulling together some Bonehog material. Actually, it came very naturally. Scott already remembered and knew all the songs from watching me play them. Matt was made for this rock/metal mix and Mike cut his teeth on metal licks. In fact, I'm ashamed to say sometimes that it can feel more natural for the four of us to play Bonehog material than Cassavettes' songs. Weird, eh? But I guess it makes sense.

Anyhow, tonight's the big night. The plan was to all wear fake mustaches and costumes, but that didn't come through, so I'm guessing we're going as ourselves. Although we also planned on telling everyone Bonehog was a group of our friends from Texas on tour and borrowing our instruments, and that everyone should check them out. But Steve Stites blew the joke when he posted a Facebook invite to tonight's show listing Bonehog as a side-project of Cassavettes.

Whatever. We'll rock it tonight I'm sure.


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