Tuesday, May 18, 2010

New home

Well, friends, the time has come. We have a new online home at cassavettesmusic.com (our old online home). All of the elements of Cassavettes on the internet, from Facebook to Myspace to this very blog, can now be found in one tidy package. Enjoy the work of web guru Sooz!

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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Ripped off

After more and more people began inquiring about the van break-in/robbery over the weekend in NYC, I figured I'd post this summary I sent to our friend Ryan (of Ryan's Smashing Life). He has been a kind supporter, offering to help however possible. We appreciate all the support we've gotten so far. Just to fill you in, here's what went down...

We played at Pete's Candy Store in Brooklyn and afterward drove to a friend's apartment about 3/4 mile away. We parked, admittedly in a sketchy area, and walked two blocks to his house. Upon arriving, I decided to go back to the van to check if it was violating any parking orders (last time we were in NYC we had some bad luck in this department). It wasn't in violation, but I took note of the building across the street as it had all its windows missing (foreshadowing!) and considered moving the van closer to the party. In retrospect, I obviously wish I had...or left NYC altogether. But hindsight is 20/20. Anyhow, I returned to the party, which we stayed at for a very brief period (15-20 mins) before returning to find our back passenger side window smashed, and missing Scott's bass and Matt's kick pedals. Now, obviously this sucks for a variety of reasons, but we are fortunate that we 1) weren't cleaned out entirely, 2) weren't present at the time of the crime (who knows what would have happened? if they have the capacity to steal, they perhaps could harm in other ways) and 3) didn't have the van stolen. So, it's a good time to count our blessings. That isn't to say we're at all thrilled with what was lost: Scott just recently purchased that bass, at quite an expensive pricetag, to replace YET ANOTHER stolen bass. So, he is not feeling too great now. Furthermore, my van's insurance doesn't cover the instruments (only items "attached" to the car) nor does it cover the window, since they slyly priced it slightly under my deductible. Of the ladder, I am actually quite surprised and pleased, however, as I expected the window to be a $1,000+ job as most of the van's expenditures have been as of late. Still, I'm paying for something I don't want to, and money's tight, so it's just a bad situation. Either way, the only conclusion I can draw is that we did something to piss off the city of New York, as our last few trips have been an insane spiral of theft, parking tickets, towings, and what have you. All this after over four years of peaceful trips to NYC. What gives?

Anyhow, we're still sorting it all out. Initially, I considered having some sort of fundraising effort to help pay off these accruing debts. Now I'm not certain if I want to do that. I think this is just an occupational hazard of being a musician, and frankly, we're fortunate to not have endured a break-in until Saturday. And as I said, it could have been far worse. Truth is, I can't think of what we could have done differently besides avoid the situation altogether, but how often is that going to happen? It's a coin flip, really. Do I go to the party and risk getting robbed? Who would have known that was a distinct possibility? It's NYC -- of course you can get robbed at any time! So, the only thing I may do different is bring a big ole blanket around with us to throw over the stuff in the back, as to not have any shiny objects catch the eye of passersby. Even that seems like it could attract more attention (also, I don't like this idea of always removing the instruments, because it's A LOT of stuff -- who shows up to a party for 15 mins with all their gear?). Finally, I think I will invest in ASCAP's musical instrument insurance. Clearly, that would have been a good idea to have. Again, thoughts after the fact.

Hopefully we get the equipment and window replaced promptly (I can't keep driving around with a cardboard window), and just put this whole ordeal behind us! We shall see.

Monday, April 19, 2010

All just a dream

The LSAT doesn't scare me, but what it implies for the band does frighten me a little bit. I take the test in June. I would enroll in a law school (somewhere) next fall. I know that the demands of law school's first year are so high, and that playing in this band simultaneously is nearly impossible. I also know that this plan may require a move. Does this all put an expiration date on the band? A ridiculously close expiration date? Well, I'm not giving up that easily, nor am I delaying my future. In fact, I think it should fuel us to work even harder than before. Look at it this way: We have one year to see how far we can get, and then re-evaluate (who knows what happens at that point? If things within the band are going great, then maybe I delay my first year -- but it all depends on what we do now). That's why my work ethic needs to change. That's why we all need to recommit to the band. We owe it to ourselves and to each other. There's a lot invested in this band, personally and financially, to not try to see what the potential pay-offs can be.

I suppose the good news about this LSAT prep class is that when I get busy, I keep myself even busier. This is true: the most productive years of my work in the band's business side coincided with a hectic schedule of college classes, a part-time nights and weekends job, an unrelated editor's job at the college paper, and, of course, the regular duties of a hard working, big dreaming rock band. This isn't to say that my post-college life hasn't been busy, but it hasn't kept me fueled my passion in the same way. That's for certain. If anything, I have just felt bogged down, and have found trouble mustering the mental energy to work my ass off again. Well, consider that changed.

This band needs to get back on track. That's why on this day I'm blogging an original blog for the first time in months -- not merely some show announcement or press release. The principles that we enacted very early on in this band seemingly worked: believe in yourself, in each other, in your hard work and, most importantly, put yourself in a position to succeed and see what comes of it. In this fickle industry, nothing is guaranteed. Talent and hard work are more often than not unrewarded. But that doesn't mean you can't try. That doesn't mean you shouldn't try. Therefore, this is about getting the four members of Cassavettes back together.

This has been a difficult, weird few months and I think we all felt more estranged from each other, and our collective goals, than ever before. And it's hurt us professionally. Despite putting out arguably our "best" work in November, we find ourselves at a crossroads just a half-year later. We started putting the pieces back together during our great SXSW trip this year, which was the result of a lot of hard work (by me, and by Creamer) and paid dividends interpersonally that I think we continue to enjoy. But a lot to needs to change still. We need to consistently play well -- obviously, you may not play every note correctly, but that's music. But we need to play for each other, and play for the band. The selfishness that hinders us is creeping back into our playing, and often makes me feel like this whole thing isn't worthwhile. Anyone else? Playing these songs is about putting the song first, and everything and everyone else taking a backseat. We made considerable progress at that for awhile, but the problem is that bad habits sneak back in a lot. We need to get people excited about the band, and that starts with US getting excited about the band again. I'm there, and I trust that my cohorts can be as well. We need to diversify and show off our versatility at shows, if it's indeed true that our live shows have grown stale. Fine. We need to increase our web presence, and also get back to the traditional means of promotion -- word of mouth, flyering, flooding bloggers' inboxes, Facebook invites. That's how you get people through the door. That's how you get people excited. It's harder when you're older, and out of college, of course, because there isn't that "community" anymore. But it's not impossible. We need to approach the schedule as a series of steps again instead of a random smattering of shows, as it has been. That one's on me. I got it. We need to build up regionally, and the steps are being taken for that to happen. And finally, we need people to believe in us again. That's the hardest thing to accomplish, but it comes from believing in ourselves. At one point, it was a top priority for me to have everyone who hung out with us and came to shows to feel connected to the band, as if they were in the band themselves. I think the fracturing within the band has led to a divide with our friends, fans, and audience. It's not an impossible chasm to cross, but it will require another leap of faith. I'm willing to work for your trust again.

A lot of this is up to me, and I am willing to meet the challenge. But this is a band, and it's not about what I do as an individual. It's about how we work together, how we play together, how we dream together. Because this whole thing started as a dream. It's time to start dreaming big again.


Friday, March 12, 2010

Cassavettes Texas Tour!!!

Hello friends,
This weekend we are coming home! During a two-week mini-tour we will be hitting our hometown of Lewisville (Dallas/Denton), Texas, as well as the South by Southwest Music Conference in Austin. I'll be blogging (and possibly filming) the whole thing for boston.com. So, come say hi! Here are all the details... we hope to see you out there!

Friday, March 12 at 8:30 p.m.
Cassavettes w/ Informant -- hometown reunion!
At Tequila's, 2300 Highland Village Rd, Ste 1100, Highland Village, TX

Link: http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=341819099762&ref=mf
Notes: This will be a flat-out fun time -- as close to our old stomping grounds as I think we've ever played. Which means: Were they really our stomping grounds in the first place? Soon-to-be old stomping grounds, perhaps.

Saturday, March 13 at 1 p.m.
NX35 Day Party
At Cool Beans (rooftop), 1210 W Hickory St., Denton, TX

Link: http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=391470522891&ref=mf
Notes: This show is the warm-up for the day's headliner: The Flaming Lips! It's also totally FREEEE!

Thursday, March 18 at 1:45 p.m.
Wente Vineyards Discover the Music Wine Bus (Glenn Yoder & Todd Thibaud)
At WFM (Whole Foods Market) gateway, 9607 Research Boulevard, Austin, TX‎

Link: http://www.wentevineyards.com/discover/promo/wente_at_sxsw/
Notes: This show will be simulcast live to the Whole Foods in Illinois on a 96 inch screen as well as on the Whole Foods website, Justin TV, and Blip FM.

Thursday, March 18 at 7:30 p.m.
Show TBA

Notes: Sorry for the ambiguity. This one is taking a bit to nail down the specifics, but I wanted to give you a time and date, in case this is the only time and date that works for you. We should have this figured out soon!

Friday, March 19 at noon
Sonicbids & Planetary Group SXSW party
At Maggie Mae's (downstairs), 323 East 6th Street, Austin, TX

Link: http://www.sonicbids.com/SXSWParty/
Notes: Two colossal powers, Sonicbids and Planetary, are throwing the biggest party of SXSW. Well, close to it. Please RSVP for this free show -- even though it should be no problem for you to get in, they just want to know what to expect.

Friday, March 19 at 2 p.m.
SXSW Day party
At Guero's Taco Bar, 1412 S. Congress Ave., Austin, TX

Link: http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=359433086536&ref=mf
Notes: This is a free day party, all ages, just come by and rock out, drink some margaritas in the Oak Garden.

Saturday, March 20 at 8 p.m.
Cassavettes w/ Girls Guns & Glory, Oh No Robots, Savage & The Big Beat!
At J&J's Pizza, 118 West Oak Street, Denton, TX

Link: http://www.myspace.com/jjspizzaolddirtybasement
Notes: One last (free) show in our old hometown, bringing back our best buddies from Boston (GGG) and pairing them with an old friend (Rob of ONR) and new friends (S&TBB). This is what it's like when worlds collide!!!!!!!

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Rodfest on Saturday

Howdy friends,
As many of you know, each year we play a musical event called Rodfest, which means quite a bit to us and several of our closest friends in the local music community. All the money that comes in goes to a Stonehill College scholarship fund established in the name of Greg "Rodney" Moynahan, the life of the party to many who died in an accident several years ago. His annual "Rodfest" event has been carried on literally in his name, and is a celebration of life that truly is the biggest party of the year. No joke -- this night gets WILD. People, including us, have come to expect the best night of the year from Rodfest. This Saturday, Jan. 30 at The Paradise Rock Club will be our fourth Rodfest, and the eighth overall, and each year this thing just gets more spectacular. It ALWAYS sells out, so my suggestion would be to get your tickets early from either the box office (no surcharge), online (link below), or at the door (just make sure to be there early!!!). Full details, and the fine line-up, are below...

Rodfest 8 w/ Three Day Threshold, Cassavettes, Quixote, Death and the Dance Machine, Sam Reid and The Riot Act, Chatham Sessions, Colin Toomey & Kevin McDevitt
Saturday, Jan. 30, 2010 at The Paradise Rock Club
967 Commonwealth Ave., Boston (Green B Line, Pleasant St. Stop)
Doors at 8 p.m., $15, $18+
Tickets here
Directions and more info here

We hope to see you at this year's Rodfest! Also, don't forget that you can buy our new album, Shake Down the Sun, CHEAP on iTunes and Nimbit!

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Wednesday, November 04, 2009

It's coming

In the words of the immortal Fritz, responding to why he stopped maintaining his blog, "I got Twitter." True, it's faster and reaches more folks, which is why I've been lazy. So, here's a little mass PR pitch...ahem, last minute plea...

Thanks for sticking with us, it's the home stretch now! We're not far off our huge CD release party -- this Friday, Nov. 6 at the Middle East Downstairs with our good friends Movers & Shakers, You Can Be a Wesley, Quixote, and Jookabox (Asthmatic Kitty Records). It's going to be a momentous occasion for us and a big celebration for everyone after a lot of hard work on our new disc, "Shake Down the Sun." We really hope you are able to join us for the party!

Friday, Nov. 6, 2009
Middle East Downstairs, 480 Mass Ave., Cambridge
w/ Movers & Shakers, You Can Be a Wesley, Quixote, & Jookabox
18+, $10 advance/$12 at the door

TICKETS...A friendly reminder: You can avoid needless surcharges by purchasing tickets from the Middle East Box Office, (617) 864-EAST ext 221. However, if you are one for instant gratification, you can buy them online here.

DIRECTIONS: Red Line T stop (Central Square) or click here.

Facebook invite.

To listen to songs from our new CD, please visit our MySpace page.

Thanks and we really hope you are able to join us Friday!

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Thursday, October 22, 2009

Back from tour, off (again) to NYC

Hello, friends. I wanted to briefly write you for two reasons: 1) Our CD release on Nov. 6 at the Middle East Downstairs is lurching closer by the second, and 2) We are headed to New York City for the CMJ festival tomorrow, Friday. Read on for details...

On that CD release, we now have an extraordinary five-band bill: Cassavettes, Movers & Shakers, You Can Be a Wesley, Quixote, and Jookabox (Asthmatic Kitty Records). We'd love for you to be there, too, as this is going to be a big night for us. This CD, "Shake Down the Sun," is hopefully a big step forward for us, and this release show is going to literally be a party to celebrate that monumental (at least in theory, as of now) step. Grab your tickets today, as this thing is gonna get nicely naughty in a hurry!

Also, see a cool CD release show poster, designed by Chris Cerrato (who did the CD design). Print some out, hand them to friends/family/strangers, hang it in your room and fall asleep looking at its intricate design, and wondering if Chris Cerrato is man or myth.

Now, as for this thing tomorrow at CMJ, we are playing Pianos at a Planetary Party headlined by (who else?) Superdrag, featuring some esteemed musicians, like Boston's own Will Dailey. We play as early as the rooster crows for these musician types, 1:40 p.m. If you're interested in coming out, give us a shout via email, cassavettesband (at) hotmail (dot) com. We'll see what we can do. Full details, click here.

That's about it. We hope to see you out at the CD release show, Friday, Nov. 6 at the Middle East Downstairs. It's going to be fun!

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